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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Fine Gael and Labour's Alliance for Change

Following the launch yesterday Labour's manifesto A Fair Society, which I look forward to reading at more leisure (after all, there seems a good chance that they will be in Government by next month), Fine Gael and Labour today announced an "Alliance for Change". In a joint statement, Enda Kenny and Pat Rabbitte said:
"Since September 2004, our two parties have worked together to present the Irish people, not alone with a choice of Governments, but with a choice of futures for our country. Voting for the Alliance for Change will set our country on a new path towards a Fair Society and a Better Ireland. A vote for Fine Gael and Labour is a vote for change.
Never before in the history of the State have two parties come together in advance of a general election to present detailed agreed policies to the people. At our meeting in Mullingar in 2006, we committed ourselves to developing joint policies on health, policing and on economic management. As the election campaign begins, the Irish people now have before them our comprehensive proposals on these vital issues."
The statement then outlines agreed proposals on taxation, healthcare, policing, development aid and (an issue I believe needs much more debate than it has received) public sector reform.


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