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Friday, April 27, 2007

Other (presidential) elections

Another election campaign is underway, in addition to our general election - but it isn't scehduled to take place for 18 months. I refer to the U.S. presidential election. For anyone interested in keeping up with the polls over there, just Google "election 2008" and click the first result.

Nearer to home, France's presidential decider is now between Nicolas Sarkozy, the former Interior Minister and Segolene Royal of the Socialist party; for news, see
here. Sarkozy seems on track for victory as matters stand. It will be interesting to see what impact Ms. Royal's debate with defeated third candidate Francois Bayrou, scheduled for Saturday, will have on the voters. Bayrou has criticised each remaining candidate since he was eliminated in the first round; as regards Royal, he opposes her extension of the 35 hour week. More useful coverage is available from CNN and the Financial Times.


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