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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

John McCain in the 'paper

There's a fascinating interview with John McCain in today's Finanical Times. (A transcript of the entire interview is available here.) The 2000 primaries were probably a little before my time, in terms of my interest in politics. But ever since, I've had very high regard for McCain. For one thing, he's a refreshing exception among Washington politicians, in that he has carved out a reputation as a principled and independent thinker, not unduly beholden to partisan point-scoring. Indeed as the FT writes, "he has ... bolstered his moral authority by taking up the cudgels over issues - notably campaign finance reform and anti-torture legislation - that have won him support far beyond his own party". This is the man who John Kerry wanted as his running mate in 2004. (Polls suggested at the time that that team would have handily defeated Bush.) A recent poll cited in the FT found that most Democrats would vote for a candidate backed by McCain in this November's Congressional elections.

McCain rejected Kerry's overtures, probably with at least one eye on making another attempt of his own for the presidency in 2008. And in the interview published today he does not hide behind the type of langauge Hilary Clinton has used when asked about 2008. Instead he openly discusses the factors weighing on his mind about whether to run. He is 69. A campaign would be draining. His wife is unsure; he has two teenage children. But he is also immensely popular and is seen by voters as trustworthy.

Read the transcript, or pick upa a copy of today's Financial Times. If you do, you could well be reading the thoughts of the next president of the world's most powerful country.


Blogger Simon said...

Ya I have to say he seems very good. Is a favourite on The Daily Show which I doubt any other republican is which says alot for his cross party support.

Even though my favourite point about him is the point that may be his undoing. He is not in the christian right of the republican party. And may struggle to get past the primaries. If he does he will win. But I fear he might lose out to some religious nut.

That kerry-McCain ticket would have been good. McCain-Kerry would be better

Tue Jun 20, 07:45:00 PM GMT+1  

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