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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Celsius 7/7 reviewed on Disillusioned Lefty

One of my favourite Irish blogs is the award-winning Disillusioned Lefty, which is the brainchild of Kevin Breathnach and Michael Larkin. They have won many admirers for their always-engaging writing, which has ranged widely, from literature and music (whether pop culture or more artistic) to politics and history. Disillusioned Lefty went into virtual hibernation recently; the lads were doing the Leaving Cert. In recent weeks, the blog has seen regular posting once more.

A few days ago, Kevin described Michael Gove's new book Celsius 7/7 as "provoking and convincing". This evening he offers a more detailed introduction to the book, which is well worth a read. Kevin picks this passage of Gove's as broadly summing up the book's argument:
Haven’t we learnt that the failure to act does not just allow Islamists time and space to operate but also, crucially, reinforces their impression of our weakness? Once again, and not for the last time, our culture is incapable of asserting itself in defence of liberal values. Islamists draw strenght and take heart from what they see as our terminal irresolution.
Kevin concludes that, while agrees with much of Gove's general thesis: "Gove’s blueprint is not worth the €14.70, it’s rhetoric heavy and often source-light. What’s more, much of his argument has been made already and to a wider audience."


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