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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Culture Thursday (TM)

Taking my cue from the charming pieces on music and poetry (and sometimes both) written by the ever-impressive Kevin Breathnach of Disillusioned Lefty (who well deserved his recent award), I feel a little diversion is in order. Or rather a test. It being Thursday, I accept no liability for ripping off DL's Culture Monday.

This is the first paragraph of a review. It struck me as stream-of-consciousness-cool. Which usually means it reads great the first time and is less and less amusing or impressive each time thereafter - half-life literary attraction maybe. Anyway, who can guess - without cheating - what is being reviewed? Bonus points for identifying the source of the Lexington 125 reference.
New York cool, then, turned out to be a phantasm: a seductive promise and at first, an exotic thrill - but one that, when you hit the sidewalk, dissipated like smoke from a Manhattan manhole. You landed hoping to rub shoulders with cheekboned axe-slingers on the subway, meet your man on the corner of Lexington 125, let the city grip you in a Bacchanalian hug of rock'n'roll excess. Instead, you discovered CBGBs was a Hard Rock Café for shit punk bands, you couldn't dance in bars without feeling the leather glove of the NYPD, and the baton of innovation had been left to the freaks, geeks and outsiders: the likes of deranged folk primitives Animal Collective, literate dance-punks LCD Soundsystem and frocked-up cabaret émigré Antony Hegarty.

Answer: here.


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