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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Riots in Dublin

There can be no reasonable prospect of a peacefully united 32-county Ireland for the foreseeable future. It seems SF/IRA thugs cannot even stomach a few unionists on a rather harmless "Love Ulster" parade around Dublin. Instead they caused full-scale riots, in which 14 people, including six policemen, were injured and millions of euro damge was done to property. I hope prosecutions are forthcoming swiftly and these wretches are punished severely. This is not the way we behave in democracies. If this is what is taken to be legitimate expression of historical grievance, I don't want the Six Counties back. The Taoiseach reacted as follows: “There is absolutely no excuse for the disgraceful scenes in Dublin today. It is the essence of Irish democracy and republicanism that people are allowed to express their views freely and in a peaceful manner. People who wantonly attack gardai (police) and property have no respect for their fellow citizens.” Here is what Jeffrey Donaldson had to say: “We have received a warm welcome from ordinary Dubliners. But it's clear these republicans have come from north of the border and other areas intent only on causing trouble.”

For a lucid account of the trouble from the perspective of an unaware bystander, see Kevin Breathnach's story at Disillusioned Lefty.

Saint at Dossing Times has an excellent piece also, beginning:
"As the dust settles (pun not intended) on what has to be the worst riot in Ireland in over 20 years. It is time to take stock of what happened and figure out what the consequences of this are. In my piece on the Love Ulster parade I said that the “biggest and hardest test for Irish society is not seeing can we accept Poles or Nigerians but can we accept Unionists.” It looks very much like we have failed that test."

Saint also makes an important about RTE's failure, as public service boradcaster, to take the lead in reporting on what was a very serious incident.

Another account worth reading comes from Backseat Drivers.

Last, but by no means least, there is an excellent roundup at Slugger O'Toole. I defy anyone to look at the picture of O'Connell Street at that link and feel anything other than revulsion.


Blogger -Ann said...

The only heartening thing I can find this morning, as I read blogs and listen to the radio is the overwhelming condemnation of what went on yesterday.

Sun Feb 26, 02:15:00 PM GMT  
Blogger Simon said...

Thanks for the compliment.

Seemingly corponius said that there is a post somewhere on indymedia (where else) supporting the riots.

Sun Feb 26, 09:57:00 PM GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Allowing the Orangemen to march through Dublin is like letting the Klu Klux Klan march through New Orleans. No, it’s much worse. The Orange Order by its very doctrine are "Anti-Catholic, Anti-Irish" bigots. Aren't we forgetting that these people traditionally burn effigies of the Pope and the Irish National flag every year? Does anyone actually believe that had they been allowed to march through Dublin that they wouldn't have stopped outside that GPO to spit and bang their drums louder, just as they did once they reached Leinster House, when they turned up the volume to provoke a group of elderly protesters.

Allowing them to come to Dublin in the first place is counter productive to the peace process, as it further alienates and isolates Republicans, causing deep anger and frustrations to explode into violence because they increasingly feel betrayed. The Irish state only encourages young men and women to join dissident Republican groups because they feel completely betrayed yet again. The Irish state should take note. Young men and women in pubs throughout N. Ireland can now even be heard uttering the words, "Another Civil War is needed!"

Sun Mar 12, 07:31:00 PM GMT  

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